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Since the establishment of Free Korean Dogs in 2015, we have shut down three dog meat farms and rescued over 230 dogs raised for meat consumption. Additionally, more than 1,300 dogs have been saved from puppy mills, high-kill shelters, and at-risk situations through our collaboration in Korea.

Siheung dog meat farm shutdown: one year later

2022: Siheung Dog Farm Shutdown

In our largest dog meat operation shutdown to date, we have successfully secured the safety and possession of 101 dogs from a dog meat farm in Siheung, Korea.

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2018: Dangjin Dog Farm Shutdown

On September 1, 2018, Free Korean Dogs officially took possession of a dog meat farm operation in Dangjin, Korea, and rescued a total of 83 dogs from slaughter.

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Dangjin dog meat farm shutdown
Free Korean Dogs - Jeonju dog farm shutdown

2016: Jeongju Dog Farm Shutdown

With a massive amount of collaboration and hard work, the dog farm in Jeonju has been completely destroyed forever. All the dogs have been sent to the US, and most have already been adopted.

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