Scarlet_Dangjin dog meat farm rescue

Help Dangjin Dog Meat Farm Survivors

It was a hot summer day when I first saw Scarlet and Jimmy. They were two of 69 dogs in the Dangjin dog meat farm; Scarlett was locked in a filthy, rusty, and cramped cage while Jimmy was tied to a cement block outside.


They were so skinny that even at a distance I could see their ribs and spine. They both had terrible skin troubles and their fur was matted and dirty. They constantly scratched themselves and couldn’t relax. The only reprieve they had from scratching was when I approached them to soothe them and pet them. They were so happy to see “a kind human”, something that they didn’t experience before.

They started barking and wagging their tails nonstop. The scene brought tears to my eyes. Although they were treated so horribly by people, they still wanted to be around people and follow people. What other animals on earth are this loving?

Rescuing a dog from a dog farm is easy compared to the long process of taking care of them afterward. Indeed, it is a lifetime commitment. In many cases, “unsuitable” dogs for adoption have been euthanized after they were rescued from a dog farm. We cannot blame them. It is a long and very costly process and not many people are able to carry this responsibility. But when we decided to shut down the dog farm and rescue the original 69 dogs (now 83 dogs – 14 new puppies were born), we made up our minds. We would never let any of the dogs get euthanized. We desperately need your help to cover their vet bills and flight to Canada.

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