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Help Us End the Dog Meat Trade

Since 2015, we’ve shut down three dog meat farm operations and found homes for over 1,600 dog meat trade survivors.

Three Pillars

Our work focuses on three pillars: rescue, adoption, and awareness.

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We rescue dogs from meat farms and high-kill shelters in South Korea. Then we provide food, vet care, and shelter.

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Through our comprehensive adoption process, we find forever-loving homes for our rescues in Canada and the US.

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We cultivate awareness and promote compassion for dogs through public events and community action.

Finding Sanctuary

Shutting down a dog meat farm begins a complex process. The dogs need immediate food, shelter, and vet care. Some are adopted. Others are too sick or traumatized. We care for all of them.

Today, we need urgent help to provide essential care for our rescued dogs in Korea. We’re also planning a permanent sanctuary in Canada where our dog meat trade survivors can live in peace.

Our Timeline

Track our story and progress from modest beginnings to the present day.

July 2015

FKD launches as non-profit

EK and her partner Greg launched Free Korean Dogs as a non-profit organization with the mission of rescuing dogs from the Korean dog meat trade, getting them adopted into forever loving homes, and raising public awareness about the dog meat trade in Korea.

May 2016

Jeonju dog farm shutdown

Our first ever shutdown took place during a scorching spring in Jeonju, Korea, where we rescued 46 dogs from the notorious Jeonju dog farm and shut it down forever. Learn more

July 2017

Korea and North America Protests

We organized a coordinated series of multi-national protests during Boknal, the Korean dog meat festival. Demonstrations took place at the Moran dog meat market in Korea, with simultaneous protests in Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles.

September 2018

Danjin dog farm shutdown

2018 saw our second dog farm closure, where we saved 83 dogs living in unspeakable conditions at a dog farm in Danjin, Korea. Destroying the cages was satisfying. Learn more

March 2019

FKD becomes a registered charity

We hit a vital milestone in 2019 when the Canadian government granted us charitable status. We became a legit charity complete with tax deductable receipts.

December 2019

1,000 dogs find forever homes

Some say dog meat trade survivors are unadoptable. We proved them wrong when we celebrated watching our 1,000th dog get adopted into a forever loving home.

August 2020

FKD expands adoption to US

Responding to enthusiastic requests from supporters in the US, we expanded our adoption cities to include Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Jose, and LA.

May 2021

3rd Annual Freedom Walk

Started in 2019, Freedom Walk is our annual public awareness and fundraising event. We bring the whole community together to march in Toronto and Vancouver.

May 2022

Siheung dog farm shutdown

Our most ambitious project yet, we closed a massive dog farm in Siheung, which resulted in the rescue of 101 dogs. Many of these dogs are still waiting for a home. Learn more

December 2023

Adopters meet their new Korean rescue dogs at Pearson Airport

1,500 dogs start new lives

Challenging the notion that dogs from the meat trade can’t be rehomed, we triumphantly witnessed our 1,500th rescues find their loving forever homes.

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