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Jeonju Dog Farm Shutdown: 46 Dogs Saved

With a massive amount of collaboration and hard work, the dog farm in Jeonju has been completely destroyed forever. All the dogs have been sent to the US, and most have already been adopted.

Free Korean Dogs - Jeonju dog farm closure
Jeonju dog meat farm shutdown

We’ve been working hard since April to shut down this dog meat farm. I personally traveled to Korea three times to work on this rescue project. With the amazing help of a dedicated group of volunteers and animal welfare organizations, we were able to rescue a total of 46 dogs.

EK, the executive director at Jeonju dog meat farm.

The first group of 32 dogs were rescued in July, with the second group rescued in October. Many of the dogs in the first group were very sick and in need of immediate veterinary care.

After two months of intensive treatment, they gained the strength needed for the long trip to Washington, DC. Since then, most of them have found their forever-loving homes in the US.

The remaining 14 dogs were rescued and moved in October to our shelter in Ilsan, Korea. The dogs were vaccinated and dewormed. Finally, in the first week of December, they flew to Washington DC with the help of Humane Society International.

Cages Destroyed

It was wonderful to be able to rescue the remaining dogs on the farm. The most satisfying part, however, was watching the dog farm being destroyed.

Jeonju dog meat farm cages were destroyed.

It’s hard to imagine the amount of fear and suffering that took place in those cages over the years. There are no words to describe the feeling of knowing that the cages have been destroyed and no innocent dogs will ever feel the inside of those evil cages again.

It Takes an Army

This dog farm closure is the result of an incredible amount of collaboration with a team of dedicated Korean animal rights activists and international animal organizations. The team at Free Korean Dogs is very grateful for the opportunity to organize this collaborative effort, and we would like to humbly thank the following groups for their invaluable help:

I would also like to give a special shout-out to Kunsan Paws – 2016 for their amazing help on the final closure. They were the ones who actually destroyed the dog farm.

This special group of dedicated people and organizations proves that we can all work together to bring change. With effective collaboration like this, we will end the Korean dog meat trade.

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