The Puppies of Dangjin Meat Farm

Guest article by Kathleen Flear

Two of the Dangjin Meat Farm rescues have given birth. We are thrilled to welcome the new puppies, but now we need your help more than ever!

Myunghee had a puppy a few weeks before she was rescued. Volunteers didn’t see the puppy during the initial raid of the farm because Myunghee protectively tucked it away under a container. When the puppy was eventually discovered, her legs and ears were swollen with a severe skin infection. Now, mother and pup are together at a shelter, receiving the veterinary care they desperately need.

When Natalie was rescued, it was evident that she was pregnant, even though her stomach was abnormally small for a pregnant dog. The volunteers were worried about the unborn puppies because Natalie had been kept in a filthy cage with temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees all throughout her pregnancy. She was also extremely thin and malnourished. A week after Natalie was rescued, she gave birth to five puppies. They were so underweight, we thought they might not survive. Thankfully, our amazing volunteers worked day and night to bottle-feed the puppies and keep them warm. Now they’ve all gained weight and they’re starting to look like normal, healthy puppies.

We are committed to giving these mothers and puppies the best futures possible in loving adoptive homes, but they will need an immense amount of veterinary care before they are able to meet their forever families. Please donate to help these puppies and mothers enjoy the happy lives they deserve.

Natalie and her puppies

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