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Free Korean Dogs is a registered charity founded in 2015 with the mission to rescue, rehabilitate and find forever-loving homes for dogs saved from the Korean dog meat trade.

EK Park cleaning up a dog shelter in Korea while puppies get in the way

Our Origin Story

Our journey began when our founder, EK Park, witnessed a horrifying scene in her native South Korea. The brutality she witnessed compelled her to take action and speak out against the suffering endured by millions of dogs in the Korean dog meat trade. Korea’s lack of legislation regulating this industry allows for unfathomable inhumane treatment, making it a political landmine that few in power wish to address.

Our Impact

We divide our mission across three basic pillars: rescue, adoption, and awareness. Since 2015, we’ve made huge advances in all three areas, shutting down three dog meat farm operations, facilitating the adoption of over 1,600 rescue dogs, and launching Freedom Walk, our annual event to raise public awareness about the Korean dog meat trade:

  • Rescue: Our organization has made significant strides in rescuing dogs from the dog meat trade, high-kill shelters and other high-risk conditions in Korea. We shut down dog meat farms and liberated over 250 dogs from unbearable suffering and despair.
  • Adoption: Through our unwavering commitment, we have found forever-loving homes for more than 1,600 dogs rescued from brutal circumstances. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to rehabilitate these animals and find them a new life filled with love and care.
  • Awareness: Our mission goes beyond rescue and adoption. We strive to create a lasting change by fostering a cultural shift from cruelty to compassion. Through educational campaigns, events, and advocacy, we have been making positive strides toward improving the lives of dogs and animals in Korea and worldwide since 2015.

Our Presence

Free Korean Dogs (FKD) is a registered charity in Canada with Business Number (BN): 805800166RR0001.

Founded in Toronto, Canada, on July 1st, 2015, our organization rescues dogs from Korea’s dog meat trade and other at-risk circumstances and finds their forever-loving homes in Canada and the US.

FKD becomes a registered charity

Join Our Mission

With dedication and the support of volunteers, partners, adopters, and supporters like you, we can work together to provide all animals with peaceful and happy lives.

Want to work with us? We have an incredibly engaged volunteer community, and there are so many ways you can get involved.

Our Team

Meet the dedicated members of the Free Korean Dogs team.

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Media Coverage

Free Korean Dogs has been featured in various local and international media outlets.

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