Dosa Rescues In Anseong

Anseong Dog Meat Farm Rescues

Korea is making progress towards banning the dog meat trade by 2027, yet the plight of dogs in the country remains distressing.

Recently, one of our colleagues relocated their shelter to Anseong City in the spring, only to discover a dog meat farm where dogs were raised for meat. The conditions were appalling, with dogs neglected and left to die, their bodies piled up in a state of decay. The situation prompted a call to the city authorities, leading to the closure of the farm. From there 21 Dosa dogs were rescued.

Anseong dog meat farm rescues

Dosa Puppies Rescued from Meat Farm Find Hope

These rescued puppies are incredibly affectionate and gentle, displaying a calm demeanor. They have undergone thorough check-ups, been spayed or neutered, and received necessary vaccinations. Although they are currently underweight, they are in good overall health.

These adorable puppies will soon be ready for adoption. Formerly known as “meat dogs,” they will transition into beloved companion animals. Your love and support are precious as these pups, who have experienced hardships, eagerly anticipate finding their forever homes.

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