Safe Sanctuary

We believe every dog deserves a chance. Rescue is just the beginning. Some of our dogs will find loving homes, while others face challenges from trauma and illness that keep them from being adopted.

Our Dual Mission

Preparing supper for dogs at the shelter
Immediate Care

Temporary Shelter

When we shut down a dog meat farm, we commit to caring for each dog we rescue. But not every dog is ready for adoption. Some are too traumatized or have ongoing health concerns.

Free Korean Dogs provides essential support through healthy food, veterinary care, safe shelter, and needed medication. But ongoing care requires sustained financial support.

EK Park gets a snuggle from one of the dogs at the shelter
Long-Term Care

Permanent Sanctuary

Our long-term goal is to create a physical sanctuary in Canada where our dogs can live out their days in comfort and peace. This haven will serve as a home for those who need us most.

A sanctuary will enable us to provide a higher quality of care for less than it costs to provide the essentials in a shelter. But it will take a solid community effort to make this dream a reality.

Why Sanctuary Matters

Our commitment to sanctuary goes beyond providing basic shelter. It’s about understanding each dog’s unique needs, providing the care they deserve, and never giving up on these traumatized victims of the dog meat trade.

Sponsor a Dog in Need

Our sponsorship program enables you to be a part of this lifelong commitment. By sponsoring a dog with a recurring monthly donation, you directly support their ongoing care. These funds help us cover food, shelter, veterinary care, and all the basic needs required to ensure a quality life for our dogs.

Help Us Build a Permanent Home

The monthly cost of caring for our dogs in Korea is substantial. We’re dreaming big, and we need your help. By building a sanctuary in Canada, we can provide a forever home for all our dogs, regardless of their ability to be adopted.

Sponsor a dog today and help us build a permanent sanctuary for tomorrow. Together, we can give all our dogs the chance to live with dignity and love.