Namyangju Puppy Mill Rescues C

The Heartwarming Rescues from a Puppy Mill in Namyangju

Last May, Free Korean Dogs and our colleagues in Korea rescued 17 dogs from an illegal puppy mill in Namyangju, Korea. Approximately 100 dogs were kept for sale, with some destined for the meat trade. It was a chaotic and terrifying situation. Fortunately, all the dogs were saved through collaborative efforts.

Namyangju puppy mill rescue

These unfortunate dogs had been living in confinement in dirty and unsanitary cages for breeding purposes. Once they were no longer useful for breeding, many faced the grim prospect of being sold to meat markets. Despite Korea passing a law to ban the dog meat trade, its enforcement is scheduled for 2027, leaving many dogs to suffer due to human ignorance and selfishness in the interim.

The rescued dogs are currently receiving essential care, including checkups, vaccinations, and spaying/neutering. Among them, three have been diagnosed with heartworms, one is pregnant, and another underwent patella luxation surgery.

One particularly heartbreaking case is that of Dia. During a checkup, the vet discovered something unusual in her abdomen, which turned out to be a forgotten bandage gauge, likely from a previous C-section performed by a puppy mill owner. It is difficult to imagine the distress this little baby had to endure at the puppy mill. The surgery was successful, bringing relief and happiness to Dia. After a full recovery, this little angel will be ready for her forever home.

We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with dedicated partners in Korea in rescuing these dogs. Together, we can make a difference and save more dogs in need. Free Korean Dogs will continue rescuing dogs, providing them with the best care possible, and finding them loving forever homes. We invite you to join us on this compassionate journey and help create a brighter future for these deserving animals.

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