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FKD 2023: A Year of Courage and Compassion

As 2023 draws to a close, we at Free Korean Dogs pause to reflect on a year marked by tireless dedication and significant challenges. After shutting down the Siheung dog meat farm in 2022 and rescuing 101 dogs, we focused on nurturing and training our rescued dogs. Despite the constant struggle with limited staff and resources, we’re proud to say that we’ve made it through another year, thanks to our dedicated colleagues, volunteers, and supporters.

1,500 Rescue Dogs Start New Lives

This year, we’ve celebrated a significant milestone: 191 Korean dogs have found loving homes in Canada and the US. This achievement brings the total to 1,500 Korean dog meat trade survivors who have found their forever families since Free Korean Dogs began in 2015. Given the extended time it often takes for our traumatized dog meat trade survivors to become ready for adoption, this achievement feels miraculous.

However, our journey has not been without heartache. We lost Kaka and Molang, our beloved dogs from the Siheung farm in 2022, and recently had to bid farewell to Bobby, a courageous survivor from the Dangjin farm, who succumbed to cancer. These dogs, who were never adopted, held a special place in our hearts as our forever babies.

Stride Toward Freedom: 5th Annual Walk

In September, we celebrated our 5th annual Freedom Walk in Vancouver and Toronto. This heartwarming event was a resounding success, bringing together 160 dedicated adopters and 100 courageous dogs. Together, we took strides not just in our cities, but in our mission, raising $15K. These funds are crucial in supporting the survivors of the Korean dog meat trade, helping us provide them with the care, love, and new beginnings they so rightly deserve. This event was more than just a walk; it was a testament to the power of community and compassion in making a real difference.

Continued Commitment: Caring for Rescued Dogs in Korea

This fall, EK, our executive director, dedicated about two months to working closely with our rescue dogs in Korea. It’s crucial not to forget the 102 dogs from dog meat farms who are still awaiting their chance at a better life: 72 from the Siheung farm in 2022, and 30 from the Dangjin farms in 2018 and 2019. The initial rescue is only the beginning; the true challenge lies in providing lifelong care, particularly for those who are traumatized or ill.

Providing comprehensive care – from boarding and feeding to covering veterinary expenses – is a constant challenge. With winter here, it’s even harder. Half of our dogs live in outdoor kennels without heaters. They are skittish and cannot tolerate human touch, leaving us with limited options for their care. We use plastic tarps to block the cold wind, but it’s a far cry from keeping them warm. Winter is a particularly tough time for us and our dogs.

Korea’s Hopeful Step to Ban Dog Meat Trade

A ray of hope in 2023 has been South Korea’s move to ban dog meat trade and consumption. On December 12, the National Assembly passed a law prohibiting the dog meat trade, effective from 2027. However, with three years still to go, many dogs remain at risk. This critical period calls for our heightened commitment and action.

Saving a dog truly takes a village. Our goal is to rescue more dogs and find them their forever homes. But we can’t do it alone. Your support, in any form, can make a world of difference. Please join us in our mission to provide these deserving dogs with the loving homes they need.

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