Protest To End The Korean Dog Meat Trade

Protest to End the Dog Meat Trade

We’re organizing Korea’s first-ever multi-organization public protest against the dog and cat meat trade. The tentative date and location is 1 to 3 PM on July 23rd, 2016, at Gwanghwamun Square, Seoul, South Korea. We invite animal activists in Korea, and around the world, to speak up with one voice for the voiceless – in the heart of Korea – at the height of Bok Nal.

Protest to End the Dog and Cat Meat Trade
Protest in Korea, 2016

The time, date, and location are tentative pending permission from municipal authorities in Seoul. We’ll update this post when details are confirmed.

Join the Protest

Banner Against the Dog Meat TradeThere have been animal protests in Korea in the past, but they’re organized by individual groups and had small turnouts. We invite all animal rights organizations from Korea, and abroad, to join together en mass. A turnout of hundreds, or even thousands, will send a strong message to the government, media, and the public in Korea.

Can’t make it to Seoul for the protest? Mount a parallel protest in your city, and invite your friends and family. It would be amazing to stage simultaneous protests in cities around the world. If you want to join us in Seoul or organize your own protest, leave a comment or get in touch. We can help out with poster templates, promotion, and related logistical support. If you’ve got past experience with protest coordination and would like to help out, please get in touch.

If you’re unable to make it to Seoul and can’t organize or participate in a local protest, you can show your support with a donation to help with expenses. We need funding for signs, banners, promotions, media, communications, security, transportation, and a pile of other stuff. Perhaps most importantly, you can also help get out the word by sharing this post with your social networks.

There are animal activists just like you all over the world looking for meaningful ways to help these innocent animals. Now is the time. Seoul is the place. If we can pull together our talents and resources, we can make a real change for the dogs and cats of Korea.

Stop the Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Korea

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