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Help Us Rescue Dangjin Meat Farm Dogs

Two years ago, the founder of Free Korean Dogs, EK Park, was visiting her hometown of Dangjin, South Korea when her GPS took her on a strange route. While lost, she drove along an unfamiliar, rural road and came across a solitary farm. Her heart sank. EK has rescued over 600 dogs from Korea, so she could tell she had stumbled upon an illegal dog meat operation.

Overwhelmed, she pulled over and looked at the dogs in cages through the loosely boarded walls. That day she made herself a promise that she would shut down that meat farm and rescue every single animal trapped inside.

Dangjin dog meat farm

As of September 1st, 2018, Free Korean Dogs takes possession of the Dangjin Farm. It has taken two years to gather the strength and prepare the resources, but now we need your help! To shut down the farm and provide every dog with food, shelter, and veterinary care the Freedom Foundation needs to raise 100K.

There are over 80 dogs on the farm in need of immediate veterinary care. Free Korean Dogs is committed to giving every single one of them a second chance.

No Dog Left Behind

Free Korean Dogs has a “no animal left behind” policy. On average, only 20%- 30% of dogs rescued from the meat trade are deemed suitable for adoption. Instead of euthanizing physically healthy dogs with aggression and anxiety issues, the Freedom Foundation is sending them to training schools in hopes of rehabilitation. None of the rescued dogs on the Dangjin Meat Farm will be euthanized unless they have a medical condition that greatly impacts their quality of life.

The Freedom Foundation Campaign is committed to telling the story of shutting down the meat farm from every angle: we will report on the dogs that are adopted into loving homes in Canada, as well as the “unadoptable” that stay behind in Korea.

How will the Funds Raised by the Freedom Foundation be Allocated?

The Freedom Foundation is committed to being completely transparent with their donors’ money. The three primary costs of shutting down a meat farm are vet bills, shelters, and rehabilitation (training school).

100% of the funds raised go directly to rescuing dogs. If the campaign raises more money than is required for the Dangjin meat farm dogs, the residual funds will be used to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome other Korean dogs in need.

Join Us on Our Journey

Free Korean Dogs is committed to telling the story of every single dog on the Dangjin Meat Farm through video updates, pictures, and stories. Free Korean Dogs shut down its first dog meat farm in 2016, but that does not make the job any less daunting!

It Starts Now!

Free Korean Dogs takes possession of the Dangjin Meat Farm on Sept 1st, 2018. Korean volunteers will be on site with crates and trucks. Once they’re removed from the farm, each dog will be relocated to one of three locations. The dogs with promising temperaments will go to a temporary shelter in the mountains constructed by Free Korean Dogs. There, they will receive the necessary socialization and veterinary care to become available for adoption in Canada. Dogs with behavioural issues will be split between private shelters and training schools. Even if a dog is unable to reach the adoption standard, The Freedom Foundation is committed to providing it with life-long care in a private shelter.

Campaign Goals

To raise 100K for veterinary care and shelter for the 80 dogs at the Dangjin Meat Farm.

Along with the demolition of the Dangjin Meat Farm, the Freedom Foundation is committed to changing the stigma around Korean rescue dogs in Korea and in Canada. Korean rescue dogs are often considered beyond help. But, with over 600 Korean dogs happily rehomed in Canada, supporters of Free Korean Dogs know that just isn’t true!

The campaign also wants to reach out to the Korean people and prove that they are not helpless in the face of the dog meat trade. Our organization would be impossible to run without the involvement of our amazing Korean volunteers!

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