Rescued Poodles

Second Chances: The Rescue of 12 Poodles

In partnership with volunteers from the Jinhae City shelter in Korea, we’ve successfully rescued twelve poodles. Today, they embark on their journey to the US.

The Jinhae City Shelter was established in 2010 to care for homeless dogs in Korea. These dogs are from the meat trade, the street, abandoned by previous owners, or were actually born in the shelter. The shelter can hold a maximum of 100 dogs but it was caring for almost 200 dogs last month. Unfortunately, this means that the shelter would be required to euthanize some of their dogs.

The Jinhae shelter volunteers approached Free Korean Dogs to see if there was any way we could help out. Although we were in a very challenging situation, we couldn’t ignore the request.

Moved by the shelter’s predicament, Free Korean Dogs intervened. Today, seven of these rescues will head to the US, eager to find their forever homes. Sadly, the remaining five are battling heartworms and will remain in Korea for treatment.

This rescue operation stands as a testament to the collective effort of Jinhae’s dedicated volunteers and Free Korean Dogs. We eagerly await our furry friends and hope for further collaborations.

Transporting the dogs from Tongyeong to the US costs over $4,000, accounting for various essentials like flight, quarantine, and health certification. Our rescue mission can only persist with your backing. Please consider a donation to help us change more lives. Thank you!

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