Protest Against The Dog Meat Trade (c) Jinwoo Jung

The Three Hottest Days and Dog Meat Soup in Korea

Guest article by Elisabeth Kim

Chokbok (July 17th), Joongbok(July 27th) and Malbok(August 16th)!

These Korean words represent the three hottest summer days in the year. During these three days, it is common to consume dog meat soup to cope with the heat.  There is no medical or scientific evidence to prove dog meat soup increases a male’s stamina. Nevertheless, this Korean dish is not at all uncommon.

(c) 2018 CARE

Malbok – August 16th is the last of the three horrific days – many dogs will sacrifice their lives due to the immoral dog meat industry and unnecessary human consumption.

The sadness and tragedy brought a group of animal rights activists together on the day of Joongbok – July 27th.  As a united group under CARE, they exposed the ugly truth of a dog slaughterhouse in Tae Pyeong, South Korea.  Upon getting access, the group was further shocked with visual images that are both unthinkable and unspeakable……Thousands and thousands of dogs were frightened in rusty cages, watching their family and friends die around them.  The activists found at least 10 dogs – dead. They continued to protest and fight against the dog butcher in the hope of rescuing at least a few dogs and taking away the dead bodies of 4 dogs.

After the rescue mission, they quickly transported the dogs to the local vet for proper examinations. However, their lives came to an end after vomiting blood endlessly.

Exposing this dog slaughterhouse unveiled the unsanitary environment where these dogs were infected by a serious Influenza Virus. The Virus was spreading fast and not many of them would survive. These awful merchants neglected basic health and sanitary requirements for these dogs. It was all about making a cold-hearted profit as they sold these poor and infected souls to consumers who were ignorant about this ugly and dangerous truth.

Photography by CARE, Jinwoo Jung

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