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Rescued Dogs and Raw Food Diet

Guest article by Christine Groulx

It was love at first sight when we adopted Gracie from Free Korean Dogs Rescue. She was spared the cooking pot in South Korea, where millions of dogs are brutally killed in the dog meat trade each year. Many of these rescue dogs come with a history of trauma.

Learning English commands; how to walk on a leash, and house rules, as well as acclimating to the new sights, sounds, people and animals in her new surroundings was going to be a challenge. Knowing Gracie didn’t have the best start in life, it became my main objective to ensure our family could support her both physically and emotionally with her transition into her new life in Canada.

Anxiety and stress play such an important part in not only our own lives but also in our pets’ lives. It is no wonder that high anxiety and stressful situations may sometimes result in physical medical issues. This is one of the reasons why we chose to feed her a raw diet. The importance of proper nutrition for our canines by feeding a biologically appropriate raw diet will reduce unnecessary stress on the digestive and immune systems and result in a happier and healthier dog.

At just 7 months old, Gracie was already sporting tartar on her teeth. As well, she was constantly scratching. After just a few months of raw feeding, I noticed an improvement in the following areas:

* Coat Condition – Raw dog food is high in fresh protein and fresh fat which work together to fuel a luxurious coat. Up to 40% of the protein a dog eats goes into their skin and coat. Her coat went from dry and flat to soft, fluffy, and shiny.

* Dental Hygiene – Raw dog food and bones improve dental hygiene and reduce bad breath. Sugars in dry dog food fuel bacteria growth leading to poor dental health. Dogs require raw meaty bones to clean their teeth which reduces plaque, tartar, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. Chewing on raw meaty bones provides great exercise for the jaw, neck, forearms, and shoulders. This kind of exercise is especially beneficial for growing puppies. I noticed that this was an excellent stress reliever for Gracie, and it is important to note that her teeth are now sparkling white.

* Relief From Skin Irritation – With the improved nutrition she was receiving, her constant itching reduced significantly. Many brands of kibble are filled with grains, fillers, dyes, and preservatives. Switching to a biologically appropriate diet such as raw created an immediate change in her body.

* Less Waste – Raw meat, bones, and pureed veggies and fruit are digested more completely than cooked grains and meat which means less waste. Raw-fed pets have very small poops that are chalky in texture, and when left out in the sun for a couple of days generally turn to dust. As someone who works with dogs, I can attest to this as a very welcome benefit considering the excessive amount of waste produced from pets that are fed kibble.

A Typical Meal for Gracie Consists of the Following:

  • Protein (rotated every few days may include beef, chicken, duck, turkey, salmon, rabbit, or lamb)
  • Frozen organic blueberries
  • 1 cube of bone broth
  • Pumpkin puree
  • Mixed greens (broccoli, spinach, kale)
  • Frozen chicken foot for teeth cleaning


  • Raw goats milk
  • Kefir (grass-fed)
  • Hemp oil
  • Trimineral boost
  • Herring oil

I am so pleased with the overall health benefits of feeding raw and believe wholeheartedly that this diet has made a huge impact on her overall health and happiness. Thank you Free Korean Dogs for giving our family the opportunity to share a space in our hearts with the most special little soul. We are forever grateful.

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