Kea And Smack

Old Friends, New Opportunities

Our rescued dogs aren’t always picture-perfect at the time of their rescue, often due to malnutrition. Unfortunately, being fed human food waste while living in a dog meat farm or scavenging for scraps on the streets didn’t provide them with the proper nourishment in their past lives. As a result, our rescues regrettably lacked the basic foundation of good nutrition, essential for supporting strong immune systems and sustaining optimal overall health.

A frightened dog shivering in a dog meat farm in Dangjin, Korea.
A frightened dog shivering in a dog meat farm in Dangjin, Korea.

During their rehabilitation, our goal is not only to help them achieve a healthy profile but also to maintain it through high-quality food and nutrition. Having discovered SMACK Pet Foods as an option, our community of adopters has experienced firsthand the benefits of their products, including better breath, healthier skin and coats, and increased energy. As we’ve cultivated a strong, close-knit community of adopters, SMACK has been among our select list of recommended, highly rated, ethical, and local dog food companies.

Since 2019, SMACK Pet Foods has been a proud supporter and partner of Free Korean Dogs, generously donating thousands of nutritious, fully balanced dehydrated raw meals to our foster dogs. This year, SMACK has expanded the partnership by offering a complimentary bag of SMACK dog food to help our newly adopted dogs start off on a healthy “paw” as they embark on a new chapter of their lives. Smack will continue to support our Free Korean Dogs adopters’ by extending a discount on their on-going SMACK purchases.

Being a small charity organization fueled by the power of volunteers, we appreciate the extra mile SMACK Pet Food goes as a small, family-owned business. We understand recent years have been difficult for many, and with small businesses among the most impacted groups, we truly appreciate their continued dedication not only to their passion for helping pet owners but also to dogs in need. We look forward to our continued partnership and the opportunities it brings in the coming years.

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