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Three Journeys, and One Place Called Home

Guest article by Ivana Lee

One dog turned into two, and two into three. The story of how we ended up adopting the perfect trio. 

In April 2020, we thought we found our perfect match. On Free Korean Dogs’ website, we saw Allie’s (formerly Ally) adoption profile pop up–and for hours–we scrolled through her photos and videos. Our hearts fluttered, and although it was through a computer screen, we felt a deep connection with “affectionate and sweet” Allie, as Free Korean Dogs described her to be. After careful deliberation with our family, we decided that we would apply for her the next day. Little did we know, Allie’s profile changed from “available” to “adopted” in the blink of an eye. We were gutted. She was already adopted?

Allie, Hali and Eevee, Korean rescues

But the very same day Allie got adopted, two Allie look-alike babies were posted–their names were Eevee and Hali’a (formerly Berry and Kerry), and they were Allie’s sisters. Similar to Allie, we felt a familiar connection with Eevee and Hali’a and we decided to apply for both dogs. While they weren’t posted as a bonded pair, most of their profile videos featured them together–sleeping, playing, eating. As their potential furever family, we thought: would their lives be even better together? We discussed the idea of adopting both dogs with EK, our case manager, and after a few weeks of interviews, our application for both babies was approved! 

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, right after our application was approved, flights were halted and, understandably, people around the world were advised to avoid all non-essential travel. The pandemic drastically reduced the number of flight volunteers willing to bring all adopted furbabies home. For ten months, we patiently prepared for the arrival of our two babies. And as often as we could, we would monitor the FKD Facebook adopters’ page. Whenever a new dog arrived home, we celebrated with the adopter–knowing how difficult it was to bring them here. One day, we saw a Facebook post showing that Allie wasn’t adjusting well in her adopted home. Our hearts broke–and we followed her case since then. Although we thought about reuniting all three sisters one day, Allie’s location made it nearly impossible to do so. 

But little did we know, Allie would eventually leave Vancouver—making her way to Toronto to find her furever home. As a family, we seriously discussed if we could provide Allie with a loving, comfortable, and happy home–and we believed we could. We believed Allie would be happier after reuniting with her sisters, and after interviews with both EK and Carrie, our adoption for Allie was approved. 

Alli, Hali and Eevee, Korean Jindo rescues.

Finally, on February 7, 2021, Allie arrived home–scared, timid, skittish, but so sweet and special. With the help of EK, Carrie, Jen (and her FKD babies Otto and Elle), and her foster parents, Allie opened up drastically. After just one day with us, Allie went on her first walk–and we even documented her first poop!

And not long after Allie’s arrival, on February 25, 2021, Eevee and Hali’a arrived in Toronto. Their arrival felt surreal. After ten months of waiting, they were finally here. While their first day home consisted of barks and diarrhea, we wouldn’t change it for the world.

Allie Hali Eevee

After Allie’s reunion with her sisters–her tail wags more, she smiles more, she plays more, she runs more, and she eats more. Their beautiful life together is just beginning! All three sisters are now reunited, living their best life here in Toronto. Our family is now complete!

If you’re interested in following their journey, their Instagram handle is @twinjindos.

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