Pickle’s Holiday Wish

Pickle found herself in quite a pickle when she was only 6 months old, although none of the ordeals was her fault. It’s a shame dogs don’t get to choose their owners because Pickle had the unfortunate luck of having a sinister and abusive owner. One day, she was witnessed being beaten and tossed out of a window. Thankfully, neighbors reported the incident to the police and the owner confessed. Pickle was then taken away from the horrible situation and taken to safety. That’s when we were contacted, and the moment we knew we needed to help her precious soul.

As a result of the incident, Pickle was paralyzed from the waist down. When we heard her story, we expected a withdrawn, defeated, and terrified dog. Instead, what we were greeted with at our initial meeting was a dog so full of love and life, and so willing to forgive and put her past behind her. She loved to be around people and was so affectionate with everyone she met. Although she sustained substantial injuries, and many thought she wouldn’t make it, we saw a light in her that was so inspiring. If Pickle was determined to try, we would stand right there beside her giving her any support she needed.

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After she had recovered, we understood she would still have a high quality of life, especially with her optimistic, happy-go-lucky personality. However, when we were told youth was on her side and there was still room for improvement, even though she would likely never regain full use of her legs, we jumped at the opportunity to take the chance. Pickle deserved to live the best possible life, and we owed her that much after so much was taken from her at such a young age. 

With that, we began an intensive rehabilitation plan for little Pickle. The therapy was targeted to save some of the nerve cells, which included electrotherapy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, laser treatments, and massage therapy. We would not rule out any options nor leave any stone unturned if it would help, even in the slightest way. And it has! While Pickle previously has no control over her legs, she is now able to twitch them and have some control over mobility. She has also regained control of her bowels and is no longer an “indiscriminate pooper”. She still requires the use of a wheelchair but is much happier with her ability to take control of her body, no matter how small that ability may be. 

While we are over the moon with Pickle’s progress, it has come at a significant cost. What was estimated to cost $2,000 (CAD) a month has now reached a monthly expense of $4,000 (CAD). We have seen significant progress and would like to continue providing treatments. Pickle has worked so hard and handled all her treatments like a champ. She has never once complained and has so much potential. This is only the beginning for her. 

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Some might say it is frivolous of us to spend such a large amount of money for a single dog who may never regain full control of her legs. But to us, Pickle is worth every penny. We can’t wait to see her reaction when she can finally feel the experience of a good bum scratch, or even just being able to feel the water or grass beneath her feet. Pickle is small but mighty, and ready to take on the world.  We want to be able to give her that world.

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