Yongin Dog Rescue

Changing the Unimaginable Fate of 15 Dogs

Free Korean Dogs is currently working with our colleagues in Korea to secure the safety of 15 dogs from the brutal dog meat trade. At a seemingly regular restaurant specializing in Vietnam food in Yongin, Korea, a city right outside the capital, dogs are being kept in cages for slaughter. When a customer chooses a dog meat dish, a dog is subsequently handpicked, tortured, and then butchered for “fresh meat”. These are the faces of the dogs currently at the restaurant awaiting a terrible fate.

Yongin dog rescue: Yongyi and Yongil

We are currently in the process of negotiating the terms of saving them, which would include taking legal possession of all 15 dogs and ensuring the restaurant owner is legally no longer able to own dogs. Time is of the essence. There were originally 16 dogs on the property, but one poor soul has already been murdered for dog meat soup as of yesterday. We are racing against the clock to ensure none of the remaining dogs suffer the same callous fate.

We currently have one dog in our possession, a small, young puppy living in a cramped cage with other dogs much larger than she was.

When our colleagues visited, there was an immediate concern the baby would not survive, so she was “purchased” and taken to safety. However, simply purchasing these dogs does not end the cycle of abuse.  It is a process, but we are acting as swiftly and cautiously as possible to secure these dogs and spare them an unimaginable destiny.

Stay tuned as our mission evolves. Send these dogs (and us!) all your prayers and well wishes, and together we will hope for the best outcome.

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