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An Update on Our Dosa Dog Meat Rescues

On August 7th, 2020 Free Korean Dogs answered a call for help to rescue 6 Dosa dogs who would have either drowned in the recent floods or slaughtered for a celebratory meal during the last day of Boknal. Our rescue was a success, and we’ve taken the last few weeks to address their medical needs and get to know our newest friends. 

Unfortunately, due to limited space and resources at the shelters, the family had to be separated between 3 different locations. However, we are happy to report they have adjusted well and are very content in their new surroundings.

Formal Introductions

Dojin and Dosoon

Dojin (male) and Dosoon (female) are the parents of the 4 young pups. But no more puppies for them! They were recently neutered and spayed respectively. Unfortunately, both have also tested positive for heartworm and have begun treatment. They are currently staying at a private shelter with other dogs.

Dojin is loving his newfound freedom without chains and is often seen roaming around the grounds on his own adventures. There is so much to see and smell. Dosoon on the other hand is a social butterfly. While Dojin is off exploring, she is busy greeting shelter volunteers and receiving pets from anyone who will give them to her.

Dosoon v

Dorae and Doa

These 2 pups (Dorae – boy, Doa – girl) are currently staying in a boarding house of sorts, an abandoned and uninhabited house with other dogs where volunteers come to feed and socialize with them throughout the day. They are the newest roommates of Jumbak, one of our Dangjin dog meat farm rescues. Both are spayed/neutered. Dorae is heartworm-negative, while Doa is waiting for her test. While initially nervous and unsure, they are now very friendly and affectionate, offering their paws in exchange for pets.

Doa v1

Dodo and Dori

Dodo (girl) and Dori (boy) are the other 2 babies who are staying at our partner boarding house. Thankfully, both are heartworm negative. Dodo has been spayed, while Dori is awaiting his surgery. Like their siblings, they were initially unsure but did not take long to realize their newfound freedom. They have learned to give and receive love, often leaning in to give kisses. 

Dorae+Dori 05

Help Us Help Them

We have, to date, invested approximately over $9,500 CAD in the rescue and care of these dogs. Finding vet care and boarding facilities is especially difficult for Dosa breeds as they are marginalized for being a dangerous, aggressive breed under misinformed stereotypes. This means paying premium prices for services and travelling long distances for them.

Breakdown of Costs

Rescue, compensation, transportation – $2700

  • Vet care (vaccinations, spay/neuter/heartworm treatments, and other medical needs) – $6000+
  • Housing – $1200 (monthly)
  • Food – $400 (monthly)
Help the dosa family, Boknal survivors

What Can You Do to Help?

  1. Make a donation. Every little bit counts! No amount is too small. Tax receipts are eligible for donations over $20 for Canadian residents.
  2. Fundraise for us. Start a Facebook fundraiser, or organize a fundraising initiative through your business, wedding, birthday, or other event. Contact us for more information.
  3. Join our Freedom Walk – our annual event to raise money and awareness through a 5K walk (held virtually this year)
  4. Consider becoming a flight volunteer if you are travelling from Seoul to Toronto, Vancouver, or Seattle. There is no cost to you. Our team will take care of all fees, and paperwork, and guide you every step of the way. Not only will you be bringing a dog to their forever home, but you are also helping us make space for more dogs in need.
  5. Share our posts and stories to inspire more people to get involved! Find us here on our blogFacebook, or Instagram.

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