5K Freedom Walk for the Voiceless!

Guest Article by Kris Choi

We are ecstatic to report that our inaugural 5K Freedom Walk was an incredible success!

In the chilly early morning of September 7th, our volunteers prepared for the Walk amidst a soccer camp and a private tennis match at High Park. Surrounded by barks of our furry companions, we set up the flea market, registration table, decorations, and banners.

Freedom Walk 2019

In no time, the first few participants trickled in, joined by several bystanders who showed interest in our event. High Park Zone 15 was soon bustling with 2-legged and 4-legged companions full of energy. Members of the FKD community – adopters, puppies, and volunteers  were reunited – new faces introduced, and dogs were displaying their socializing skills. With EK’s speech reinforcing FKD’s mission and vowing to continue freeing dogs in Korean dog meat farms, we were off on the Walk around High Park!

The Walk provided a great opportunity to meet new people and exchange stories of our rescues and their individual journeys since arriving in Canada. Invigorated by competitiveness, many of the dogs enthusiastically [and adorably] led the group. In the end, both dogs and humans were happy, panting, and hungry.

A delicious lunch of sandwiches, chips, cookies, and juice was followed by the flea market, raffle draw, and even more socializing! An extra special treat was seeing the dogs who came from the same farm and shelters reunite with their old friends again.

Our goal for this fundraising event was originally $10,000. And we are so grateful for all your support and love that helped us exceed our goal, at $15,500! We couldn’t have done this without our donors and committed community, and we would like to extend a special thank you to Moira Nordholt from Feel Good Guru for the delicious vegan sandwiches, Dog Market (Beaches) and Bark and Meow for the dog treats, Jieun Hwang and her family for the official banner, and everyone who chipped into the flea market!

We are so grateful to our FKD supporters, and we can’t wait to share with you how your contributions have helped the dogs awaiting rescue in Korea!

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