Freedom Walk 2021

Thank You for an Amazing Freedom Walk 2021

Our third annual Freedom Walk (and first in-person Vancouver walk) had us smiling from ear to ear, and we’re still all smiles! It was such a joy to see everyone again after over a year of what felt like endless lockdowns, restrictions, and subsequent isolation from each other. Thank you everyone for yet another successful and memorable event!

Toronto Freedom Walk 2021

A Record Year!

This year, we met our goal and set a goal of raising $15 000, and we did it! YOU did it! We surpassed our goal and set a record by raising over $17 000. With our donation match by a generous donor for the first 10K, our grand total amounts to over $27 000, all of which will go to supporting the needs of dog meat trade rescues. And it was all thanks to you.

Freedom walk Toronto 2021

Our work is sustained by the generosity of our donors, and our success in saving dogs is a direct result of your kindness. Without you and your support, there would be no Free Korean Dogs. 

We look forward to bigger and brighter things, and making a greater impact. Thank you for allowing us to continue to do what we love and believe in. Whether you fundraised, donated, volunteered, or simply shared our mission, you have been an important part of our journey.

Special Thank You

We’d also like to thank everyone who has been “behind the scenes”. Individuals who take an active role in local initiatives are the foundations of a strong community, and although we may be small, we believe we have the mightiest community. We’d like to give an extra special thank you to those who made today possible:

Amelie A. (Toronto event coordination), Robert H. (Toronto event coordination), Steve D. (Toronto event logistics), Carmen S. (Vancouver event coordination), David W. (Vancouver event coordination), Hailey Y. (Promotional material graphic design), Alaya J. (graphic design), Our gift matching donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, All our fundraisers and event day volunteers.

Freedom Walk Toronto

Additionally, we have been grateful for the small business community who kindly offered to put the cherry on top of our day for our participants.

Small businesses are the hearts of our neighborhoods, the spine of our local economies, and the spirits of our local communities. We would like to thank the following businesses for their generosity in making our day extra special and memorable:

Free Korean Dogs Official Merchandise:
J’em and Co (small business offering handmade pet accessories)  



We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.

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