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Twenty Grateful Memories of 2020 at Free Korean Dogs

Another year has gone by, feeling simultaneously fast and slow. Last year, we boldly announced our ambitious hopes and dreams for 2020. Instead, the world was faced with a global pandemic which forced us to put our aspirations on the back burner and alternatively reevaluate, readjust, and reset in order to survive.

This year was undoubtedly difficult for everyone. The world lost lives, livelihoods, and freedoms. Despite all the darkness 2020 has brought on, we have still managed to take away a lot of positivity from this year. We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 things we are grateful for in 2020 (in no particular order) we’d like to share with you all:

  1. Pivoting and thinking outside the box, and gaining the ability to move forward when it seemed the world was at a standstill thanks to our diverse, astute, and hardworking team.
  2. Learning to trust ourselves in the face of uncertain and unprecedented times, and the ability to say “Yes, we can!”
  3. Being overwhelmed with the generosity of others despite knowing this year has been a turbulent one for many.
  4. Discovering hurdles and unfortunate events can make the best catalysts for innovation.
  5. Celebrating our 5th anniversary.
  6. Celebrating 1,000 (and counting!) successful adoptions in our 5 years of operations.
  7. Celebrating the arrival of over 150 dogs this year despite numerous pandemic-related flight cancellations, delays, and complications.
  8. Affirmation in our belief that compassion has no borders; seeing the love and devotion adopters have towards the adoptive dogs they’ve yet to meet, and patiently awaiting their arrival.
  9. Continuing to see our alumni thrive in their forever homes, living the lives all dogs should when they were previously never afforded the opportunity.
  10. Having the privilege to be in a position to save more dogs from the dog meat trade, and doing everything in our power to make a difference.
  11. Having the privilege to be able to pay it forward and help other like-minded friends make a difference in the world of dog rescue.
  12. Having the privilege to be able to provide continued care for the medical, training, and shelter needs of our rescues.
  13. Having the opportunity to get to know hundreds of dogs whose lives were previously deemed unworthy.
  14. Establishing an official Free Korean Dogs non-profit (charity status pending) in the US, allowing us to further our cause through adoption, awareness, and education.
  15. Expanding our adoption network to select US cities to further spread the love and compassion of [Korean] rescue dogs.
  16. The opportunities to collaborate with new volunteers, rescues, and shelters in a quest towards common goals.
  17. The continued and unwavering support of our volunteers, partners, fosters, adopters, and donors, of which none of this would be possible without.
  18. Acknowledging the fact that the inability to meet target goals or not having dreams come true doesn’t equate to “failure”, but rather that success and values present themselves in other forms.
  19. Be grateful for all those who choose to adopt and give second chances – because in theory, we could save a million dogs, but the system would not be sustainable if not for adopters who provide happy, loving forever homes.
  20. Being lucky enough to have experienced all of the above opportunities in which to be able to feel grateful.

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