Our Little Joy Jeje

Guest article by Kristyna Drabinova

It has been a month since David and I arrived at the airport to pick up our little joy, Jeje. Despite being quite experienced with dogs myself, I was a bit nervous about how everything would go since Jeje spent so many hours on the plane. She didn’t know me and we didn’t know her history.

When I first saw how calmly she was sitting in her carrier bag and looking at me with her big dark eyes, I started to cry. Until now, it makes me emotional. I was very thankful to the young volunteer who took care of her during the flight and brought her to us.

David drove us home and Jeje became comfortable almost immediately in her new environment. I know that probably most of the adopters would say that but I think Jeje started to trust us from day 1. We slept with her on the sofa the first night to make her feel safe, gave her some treats, and spent every minute with her. Jeje is very sweet and gentle, she never barks and is always into cuddling and playing.


What Jeje enjoys the most is eating! We are strict with her food and don’t give her human food from the table, but she enjoys being with me in the kitchen while I am cooking and patiently waiting to see if any small pieces accidentally fall to the ground. It feels like she has been with us much longer than a month.

Jeje's family in Toronto.

Jeje is such an asset to our family, she has helped my mental and physical health. David has also become more active and our lives just got happier because of her.

We are incredibly thankful to Free Korean Dogs which made sure from the beginning that we were the right fit for Jeje and her continuing support. We would like to share our story to inspire others to adopt dogs from Korea instead of buying from breeders because adopted dogs are very appreciative and will show it with any action!

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