• Jindo mix
  • Female, 8 kg (18 lbs)
  • Born February 2022
  • Located in Vancouver

Traits: Affectionate

Health: Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinated, Dewormed, Heartworm-Tested

Eunsol is a Small Female Jindo mix Korean rescue dog

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Eunsol is a precious pup who overcame a challenging start to life. She was born to a mother, Sihwa, who was rescued from the Siheug dog meat farm that was shut down in May 2022.

When Sihwa gave birth to her seven puppies, she was very young, inexperienced, and still healing from emotional trauma from her time at the dog meat farm. While initially motherly, she eventually refused to nurse them and ended up pining and attacking some of her puppies. Although the puppies were still too young to be weaned from their mother, they were separated for everyone’s safety, and the puppies subsequently hand reared by our volunteers. Eunsol and her siblings lived at our partner boarding house until they flew to Canada in search of their forever homes.

Eunsol currently resides in a foster home in Delta, BC with a fellow FKD alum. Growing up in a boarding home, she does will with other dogs, but prefers those with calm personalities to match her own mellow energy. With humans, she is a social butterfly who loves to cuddle and follow them around with every step they take.  She happily accepts food and pets from strangers.

Eunsol walks well on leash, but currently prefers the comforts of home, but is still getting used to the new sights and sounds of her neighborhood. However, is enjoying her walks more and more especially comes out of her shell and enjoys her walks when she is in a quiet, familiar area. She has no shown any leash reactivity behaviors.

With her gentle personality, Eunsol enjoys watching birds but does not have a prey drive towards them. She is also not very interested in the resident bunny – she will lay in her bed and watch him through the fenced barrier. Although she does not have experience with cats, Eunsol may do well given her low prey drive. However, as with any time of pet integration, we would still expect a period of adjustment and slow introductions.

Eunsol is mostly house trained – she sleeps through the night, but is currently let out for potty breaks approximately every 3 hours during the day. One things that makes training easier for Eunsol is her food motivation. She does not have an issue with her human being close to her while eating, or even taking away her food bowl. However, she does not like her canine foster brother getting too close to her bowl.

Despite her difficult beginning, Eunsol is a gentle and friendly girl who loves people. She has a mellow and sweet disposition that is sure to win over anyone’s heart.

Eunsol’s ideal adopter is one that has the time to spend with her, and continue to work with her on building her confidence at her own pace. Despite her indifference with her canine foster brother, we still believe she would do well in a home with another calm, friendly dog, as she has been around dogs her entire life, and their presence may have a familiar comfort for her. She may also do just fine as an only dog who.  She would do best in a quiet neighborhood with humans living a relaxed lifestyle.

Vaccination Details

DHPPL, Canine Influenza, Kennel Cough, Rabies, Corona, Heartworm test, Giardia test, Flea & tick & heartworm prevention are all done.