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Dog Meat Farming Research Released

Guest article by Alaya Ji

South Korea is the only country engaged in high-volume dog meat farming for human consumption. New research from KARA shows the size and scale of dog meat farming in Korea.

Last month, Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) released their new research into the current situation of dog meat farming in Korea. According to KARA, an estimated one million dogs from 3,000 dog meat farms are slaughtered each year in Korea.

Lee Jeong-Mi is a co-representative of Korea’s National Assembly Forum for Animal Welfare and a Justice Party member. Lee Jeong-Mi, in conjunction with KARA, revealed an unparalleled level of cruelty in the Korean dog meat industry. They seek a solution to Korea’s dog meat industry as an international animal cruelty crisis and are encouraging the introduction of legislation to ban dog meat in Korea.

In addition to large-scale factory-like dog farming facilities, there are also numerous smaller dog farms, operating both legally and illegally, in various locations throughout the country. The dogs on these farms are forced to endure unimaginable torture and deprivation from the moment they are born until the day they are slaughtered.

The dogs spend their entire lives imprisoned in cramped filthy cages with no protection from extreme weather. They get no water, exercise, companionship, or medical care, and they never feel the ground beneath their feet. Their eardrums are often intentionally damaged to prevent them from barking.

An average of 2,740 dogs are slaughtered every day in Korea. It is time to raise our voices and demand an end to the dog meat trade, stricter enforcement of existing laws, and new legislation banning the dog meat trade.

Regional Distribution of Dog Meat Farming in Korea

The following graph shows the number of dog meat farms and their regional distribution throughout Korea.

Map for dog meat farm in Korea

Reference Source: Korea Animal Rights Advocates, https://www.ekara.org/activity/against/read/8785

About the author: Alaya Ji. Alaya is a Graphic Designer and Animal Lover. She loves Yoga, rock climbing, and volunteering. She has two lovely cats, Leo and Lizzy, who have made her life joyful and full of unconditional love.

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