2022 1 Toronto Freedom Walk

A Record Breaking Freedom Walk!

We had a blast at our Toronto and Vancouver Freedom Walks, but all good things must come to an end.

This year, we set a goal of raising $20,000 to support our dog meat farm rescues. It was the largest goal we’ve set to date and one that initially felt out of reach. We certainly had moments when we questioned whether or not we were being too ambitious, but after a slower-than-usual start, our community came together once again and helped us end with the biggest bang yet.

We are thrilled to announce we have raised over $27,000! We also reached our maximum goals for our 2 donor match initiatives, adding $5,000 and $15,000 respectively for a grand total of just over $47,000. In order to maximize the impact of the match, the donations will be sent directly to Free Korean Dogs to minimize transaction and service fees.

Thank You to Our Fundraisers

When we publicly expressed our fears and concerns about not reaching this year’s goal, you all stepped up to go above and beyond. In the world of dog rescue, every little bit matters, and no effort is ever too small. Whether you actively fundraised or shared our mission, you helped make a difference for our dog meat trade rescues. We cannot express our gratitude enough for your unwavering commitment and support. We would like to acknowledge the efforts of the following top fundraisers in Toronto and Vancouver.

  • Wendy and Farialle
  • Frank and Esther
  • Nala and Finn
  • Sun-Woo and Mooni
  • Leni and Zoli
  • Cookie’s Team
  • Gookji

Thank You to Our Donors

We understand the effects of some world events have brought on numerous challenges for many in recent years. Yet, you have opened your hearts to help dogs you’ve never met. No matter what amount, your donation will make a difference for our dog meat trade survivors. We cannot express our gratitude enough for your generosity in helping us support the needs of our rescued dog meat trade survivors. None of what we do can be done without your support. You have made their food, medical, shelter, and training needs possible, and we promise we will continue to commit 110% to do everything in our power to provide the best possible care.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Each and every one of our event sponsors are independent, small businesses right here in our local communities. Small businesses are the hearts of our neighborhoods, the spine of our local economies, and the spirits of our local communities. We know recent years have been especially difficult for small businesses, yet our friends still generosity lend their utmost support without hesitation. Free Korean Dogs feels extremely fortunate to have their friendship and support, and hope you will continue to support local small businesses whenever possible.  We would like to thank the following small businesses for their generosity in making our day extra special and memorable.



Thank You to Our Event Coordinators

Last, but most certainly not least, we’d like to thank the people who worked hard behind the scenes to make the events the success that they were. We are so fortunate to have the help and support of an amazing team that can really pull anything off! It’s a pleasure and a privilege to have worked with the following people to put together such an amazing event:

  • Carmen S. (Vancouver event coordination)
  • Joanna K. (Vancouver event coordination)
  • David W. (Vancouver event coordination)
  • Steve D. (Toronto event coordination)
  • Amelie A. (Toronto event coordination)
  • Hailey Y. (Event promotional graphic design)
  • Studio Vcky (Graphic Design)
  • Alaya J (Toronto catering coordination)
  • Daniel K. (Toronto catering coordination)

Thank you all for such a memorable event. It was such a pleasure to see and catch up with all our community. If we missed you, we hope to see you next year!

Toronto Freedom Walk

Vancouver Freedom Walk

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