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Meagan Duhamel: Figure Skating, Medals, and Korean Dog Rescue

Meagan Duhamel changed the lives of two Korean dogs last month.

It all started when Meagan made a phone call to EK Park, the founder of Free Korean Dogs. As a well-known vegan and animal rights activist in Canada, Meagan expressed her thoughts on our organization’s cause and her desire to help out.

I am very inspired by the work that Free Korean Dogs is doing to help save dogs and cats in Korea. I can’t believe dogs are still being farmed in 2017. I don’t think any animals should be farmed for people to eat.

~ Meagan Duhamel

Meagan also became interested in adopting Moo-tae, one of our rescued dogs at the shelter in Korea. Moo-tae is a one-year-old male Dachshund mix. “I was very excited to adopt Moo-tae and do a small part to help bring a positive change into this World,” explained Meagan.

Meagan explained to EK that she has the opportunity to be a flight volunteer and bring two rescued Korean dogs to Canada. She already had plans to visit PyeongChang, South Korea, in late February to participate in the 2017 Four Continents Figure Skating Championship. This figure skating event would prepare the participants for the 2018 Winter Olympics that will be held in South Korea.

Figure Skating, Winning Medals, and Saving Korean Dogs

Meagan Duhamel: Silver on the Ice, Gold in Her Heart

On February 18, Meagan, the Canadian Olympic figure skating team, and EK took flights to Seoul, South Korea. From there, EK drove eight hours from Seoul to pick up Moo-tae, Meagan’s new dog, and Sara, a two-year-old female Poodle that Megan would transport to Canada. Then EK drove with the dogs to PyeongChang to meet Meagan. Meanwhile, Meagan and her figure skating partner won silver medals at the Four Continents Figure Skating Championship in the Gangneung Ice Arena.

The upcoming winter Olympics will put a spotlight on South Korea again, like it did in 1988, and give us a chance to raise awareness about the dog meat trade. We are so thankful that Meagan, an Olympic medalist, is supporting our cause. It’s interesting how everything is tying together, said EK.

On the return flight to Canada, Meagan brought back Moo-tae and Sara, officially freeing them from the dog meat trade forever.

Please help Free Korean Dogs to continue saving dogs in Korea.

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