• Labrador mix
  • Male, 15 kg (33 lbs)
  • Born November 2021
  • Located in Toronto

Traits: Affectionate

Health: Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinated, Dewormed, Heartworm-Tested

Uno is a Medium Male Labrador mix Korean rescue dog

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Uno was one of the 101 dogs who were rescued from the Siheung dog meat farm in Korea in May 2022, where he was rescued as a small puppy with his siblings. After being rescued, they were moved to our partner boarding house where they lived and grew up with other dogs until he took his freedom flight to Canada to find his forever home. He is currently with a foster in Pickering.

Uno is an excellent walking buddy and is a pleasure to walk with. He is curious and loves to explore and expand his world. He will patiently wait to put on his harness or take it off before/after walks and stands still while you wipe his feet dry. When not out on a walk, he loves playing in the yard where he does zoomies and or has fun with a game of fetch.

Indoors, Uno has a quiet personality. He will alert his foster when there is someone on the driveway and wait for them to tell him all is well. He also enjoys playing with his toys and puts them all in a pile to enjoy all at once. He sleeps through the night (always touching his back to his foster. If she moves an inch, he moves closer to close the gap.)

He is an affectionate boy who loves a good rub down or scratch and returns the favor with kisses. We think this is the reason he enjoys bath time, particularly getting shampooed and lathered. He sits still during his bath and never complains. Uno is also calm and good with children. He sits quietly while they pet him or give him treats.

He is smart too! His foster notes she only needs to practice something about 6-8 times before he figures it out. He is obedient and responsive to commands and knows how to sit, stay, wait, lie down, and paw. His food motivation is also helpful in this regard. He has no trouble eating and isn’t picky – he’ll eat all his veggies with no complaint!

Uno is house-trained and also knows how to use pee pads. He is trustworthy and comfortable staying home alone while his foster runs errands. In any case, he needs to go somewhere with her, he rides well in the car. Being his eager to please himself, he sits patiently in the car until given the OK to come out, or will wait before going downstairs or out the door.

Overall, his foster describes him as a funny and goofy boy. Uno gets along with other dogs, as he grew up with them at the shelter, and was raised with them at the dog meat farm. He will do fine as the only dog, or with another canine sibling. He has a gentle personality. Uno has no experience with cats, although he does not react to squirrels or birds. His foster thinks he would be curious with cats, but would not hurt them.

Since Uno arrived while still young, and never knew life outside of a shelter prior to coming to Canada, we expected the adjustment and new experiences to be an adjustment, and in some cases, overwhelming. As a young puppy with a traumatic past, little life experiences, and a lot of changes, we have been very proud of Uno’s progress. He and his foster family have worked hard to help him settle in with his new people and environment, and build a trusting relationship. With a lot of patience and understanding, Uno has shown us he is a smart, curious, gentle, and goofy boy at heart.

Uno’s forever family would be one that is patient and kind,  ideally a small household (of 2-3 people) living a calm and relaxed, yet active lifestyle in a quiet neighborhood. Moving to a new home would likely take him time to adjust to his new people and environment, and his new family should be understanding of this. He would love a home where he can join in on weekend hikes and indulge his curiosity. Uno would love a secure yard to frolic around, although this is not a requirement for adoption.