• Terrier mix
  • Male, 11 kg (24 lbs)
  • Born August 2021
  • Located in Toronto

Traits: Affectionate, Child-experienced, Friendly, Gentle, House-trained, Medium-energy, Shy, Sociable

Health: Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinated, Dewormed, Heartworm-Tested


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Background: In the bustling streets of Paju, South Korea, Toto and his sister embarked on a journey of survival at the tender age of 3 months in November 2021. Rescued from the brink of despair, Toto found refuge at a shelter until July 2023.

Living Environment: Since last summer, Toto has been living with a foster, a single female household in an apartment.

Personality: Toto embodies a friendly, sweet, and gentle nature, characterized by a medium energy level. While he exudes warmth and kindness, he may experience slight nervousness in unfamiliar surroundings.

Behaviors: After receiving four months of training to overcome his fear of loud noises, Toto became braver and more confident. He loves going for walks and enjoys relaxing at home. Toto is well-behaved during baths, walks nicely on a leash, and likes car rides. Although he can use indoor pee pads, he prefers going outside for potty breaks.

Socialization: Toto is very friendly with other dogs, showing a warm and welcoming attitude. He approaches cats with curiosity but remains cautious. His interactions with children are joyful, highlighting his gentle and playful nature that blossoms in their company.

Health: Blessed with good health and no food allergies, Toto is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. Monthly preventative measures safeguard him against internal and external parasites.

Ideal Home: Seeking serenity in a tranquil neighborhood, Toto dreams of a forever home adorned with the presence of another friendly dog. An ideal match for someone who relishes working from home or embraces the joys of retirement, providing ample time for cherished moments together.