• Chihuahua
  • Female, 3 kg (7 lbs)
  • Born July 2021
  • Located in Korea

Traits: Friendly, Pad-trained, Shy

Health: Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinated, Dewormed, Heartworm-Tested

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** Note: Talgee is currently in Korea, but we are seeking her forever home in Toronto. Her flight from Korea to Toronto is scheduled for July 28th.

Background: Talgee has come a long way from her challenging past. Rescued from a puppy mill in Namyangju, Korea, last summer, she endured confinement in a dark, dirty cage, deprived of fresh air and sunlight, and was forced to have puppies for profit. After her rescue, she lived at a private shelter where she was neglected. Talgee joined our partner boarding house in early spring this year. Since then she has been living with other small dogs.

Personality and Socialization: Initially timid and scared, Talgee tried to run away from people when she first arrived. However, after three months with us, she has warmed up to the volunteers and staff, allowing them to pick her up and pet her. Though she remains shy, Talgee is very sweet, gentle, and playful. She needs more experience with people to build trust. She has a submissive personality and gets along very well with other small dogs. Talgee must be adopted by a family with another friendly dog, as she is much more comfortable when she has a canine companion.

Behaviors: Talgee is shy but allows people to give her baths, clip her nails, brush her, and administer monthly preventatives. She has never shown aggression and is just timid around strangers in new environments. She has no leash experience and currently uses pee pads. She is generally quiet, but when she sees people with treats, she gets excited and barks a few times. Talgee loves treats and is very food-motivated.

Health: Talgee has completed all her medical checkups and is in good health, ready for her forever home. She is vaccinated, microchipped, spayed, and receives regular treatments for parasites.

Ideal Home: Talgee’s ideal adopter is someone with a lot of patience and experience with dogs like her. Having another small, friendly dog will be beneficial for Talgee to build more confidence and socialization. A family with someone working from home or retired who can spend a lot of time with the dogs at home would be perfect for Talgee.

Talgee is available for adoption. The fee to adopt Talgee is $780.