• Jindo mix
  • Female, 8.5 kg (19 lbs)
  • Born August 2021
  • Located in Vancouver

Traits: Cat-experienced, Gentle, Medium-energy, Pad-trained, Shy, Sociable

Health: Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinated, Dewormed, Heartworm-Tested


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*Note: Songzi is available for adoption in Vancouver. Her flight from Korea to Vancouver is scheduled for March 25.

Background: Songzi, along with her sister, was found at the age of 2 months in a parking lot in Paju, Korea, in October 2021. They were luckily saved from euthanasia and sent to a local shelter. While Songzi’s sister found a forever home, Songzi herself found a foster last summer. After a brief incident where she got lost but smartly found her way back, she was moved to another foster home.

Living Environment: In her previous foster home, Songzi lived with two cats, and her current foster home has a dog that resembles her. She has always been great with family pets, getting along well with both cats and dogs without any issues.

Personality: Songzi is described as gentle, shy, sweet, and obedient. She is friendly towards everyone she meets, although she may be a bit shy around strangers initially. However, she warms up quickly and becomes loyal. She opens up faster when other dogs are around.

Behavior: Songzi is good on a leash and enjoys going for walks. She is indifferent to children outside as long as they are gentle and respectful of boundaries. She is not particularly afraid of men and warms up to people once she gets to know them. Songzi is good at taking baths but dislikes hair dryers. She is becoming more comfortable with car rides. She has not displayed any signs of separation anxiety and tends to sleep or play with her toys when left alone. She prefers outdoor potty even though she can use pee pads indoors.

Socialization: She has enjoyed spending time at a dog daycare and socializing with other dogs. Songzi is well-behaved around other animals and has never shown any aggression towards them.

Health: She underwent a comprehensive veterinary checkup and is in good health with no concerns. She has been spayed, microchipped, and is up to date on vaccinations. Additionally, she receives monthly prevention for internal and external parasites.

Ideal Home: The ideal adopter for Songzi would be someone who has another friendly dog and is understanding of her shyness in the beginning. Living in a quiet neighborhood with someone patient and kind would be perfect for Songzi to thrive in her new home.