• Jindo mix
  • Male, 21 kg (46 lbs)
  • Born March 2021
  • Located in Toronto

Traits: Friendly, Gentle, Medium-energy, Shy, Sociable

Health: Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinated, Dewormed, Heartworm-Tested


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Potato, a brave survivor, was among the fortunate 101 dogs rescued from the Siheung dog meat farm in Korea back in May. Following his rescue, he found a temporary home at our partner boarding house, where his playful nature shone through as he effortlessly made friends with his canine companions.

Potato’s sociability extends beyond his fellow dogs. While initially a bit shy around humans, he warms up to them once he becomes acquainted. His true sweetness and affectionate nature emerge, showcasing his capacity for love and companionship. Potato is quiet, rarely barking, and takes joy in following his humans around.  To further enhance his social skills and ensure a well-rounded development, Potato is currently attending a training school where he receives additional socialization. This extra effort is dedicated to nurturing his ability to interact with both humans and other dogs, helping him become an even more confident and adaptable companion.

The ideal adopter for Potato would be someone who possesses experience with shy or rescued dogs and leads a relaxed lifestyle. A house with a secure and fenced-in backyard would provide the perfect setting for him to flourish. If there is already another friendly fur sibling in the household, it would be even more beneficial for Potato, as the companionship of another dog would bring him additional comfort and happiness.

By opening your heart and home to Potato, you’ll be welcoming a gentle and affectionate companion into your life. With patience, understanding, and the right environment, Potato is certain to blossom and become an inseparable part of your family.

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