• Maltese
  • Male, 3.3 kg (7 lbs)
  • Born June 2017
  • Located in Toronto

Traits: Affectionate, Medium-energy, Pad-trained, Sociable, Timid

Health: Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinated, Dewormed, Heartworm-Tested

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**Note: Currently, Milk is in a foster home in Toronto.

Milk was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Korea in the spring of 2019. He lived at our partner boarding house with other dogs at a boarding house near Seoul until he was adopted in Canada and arrived on Christmas Eve of the same year. Unfortunately, his adoptive home experienced changes in their family dynamic after a newborn, and Milk’s apprehension towards new circumstances made his family concerned about the safety of their child. He was surrendered back to our care, and is currently in search of a new forever home.

Milk typically requires time to get comfortable with new people and situations, as experienced during his initial rescue, time with our partner boarding house, and with his current foster. While he is very affectionate with those he is comfortable with, it takes him time to build trust until he understands his boundaries are respected and he is safe. Milk will give warnings and attempt to bite in situations he feels insecure. It is important for people to understand his boundaries and need for space when he asks for it.

Milk has been with his current foster since mid-March 2024, and has been doing wonderful. He lives with 3 other small, friendly female dogs, and his human foster mom and dad. Although the first few days were understandably difficult for him, where he found it difficult to settle and would not let anymore approach him, he slowly and gradually began to warm up after a few days. He likes to sit on laps, cuddle, and give kisses (sometimes only on his terms). His previous adopter used anxiety medication for professional grooming. However, he allows his foster mom to bathe him, groom him using electric clippers, trim his face, as well as check his ears, paws, and brush him. This was something he allowed the shelter manager and vet technicians he was familiar with in Korea to do as well.

With patience and understanding in building his trust, Milk is a very loyal and affectionate boy who appreciates having his space and boundaries respected. He communicates this well by giving warnings when he does not like something, and retreating to his chosen safe space when he is feeling overwhelmed.


  • Milk loves playing with tissues (Kleenex, toilet paper), mini Kong, balls, and squeaky toys.
  • When the only dog in the household, he often plays by himself and likes to run around the home when feeling energetic.
  • In his current foster home with other dogs, he is content to play with his foster siblings and hang out wherever they are.
  • He loves treats and is very food-driven. He is learning to take treats gently from his foster’s hands as he can get very excited.
  • Milk loves walking on a leash and running loose on paths or in grassy areas. He tends to pull on the leash in parking lots/open spaces. When walking on the sidewalk, he might become stubborn to make room when another person is walking toward him.
  • He is generally low energy and does not walk at a fast pace.
  • He enjoys ripping grass out of the ground with his mouth and chasing after you.
  • Milk also enjoys riding in a bicycle basket, stroller, or dog backpack and handles car rides quite well. He loves exploring a fenced-in backyard freely.
  • He likes to stretch his legs after lying down and snores while he sleeps.
  • He enjoys getting brushed for a short time.
  • With someone he is comfortable around, you can pet him, rub his belly, and he will give you licks.


  • Milk has a strong need for his space and boundaries to be respected with people he is not familiar with. It is important to respect his signals and not force interactions, as well as advocating for him (telling people not to attempt to touch or pet him).
  • Milk tends to avoid a lot of eye contact with strangers as he finds it intimidating.
  • He cannot go up or down stairs except for a few steps outside.
  • He is fine being carried by his foster parents. In order to not inadvertently scare or surprise him, they tell him “up” to let him know they will be picking him up.
  • He does not enjoy having his face and mouth area touched, but would allow it with his foster mom for the most part.
  • Milk may jump up on your legs, but it does not always mean he wants to be touched.
  • His paws are too sensitive to salt on the ground or very cold sidewalks.
  • He is obedient and will listen the majority of the time.
  • He would likely not do well with cats.

More about him

  • Milk exhibits territorial/nervous marking behavior at home when he is in a new place or gets anxious. He has stopped this habit in his foster home after he settled in.
  • Milk needs his own space to sleep and rest when feeling overwhelmed or wanting to be alone, and can be protective over it. (When his foster parents need to take him out of his safe space, he may sometimes growl. They gently put a blanket over him and wrap him up before being picked up. This makes him feel secure)
  • Milk tends to gravitate towards calm individuals who ignore him and allow him to approach on his terms/timeline.
  • He is more comfortable with women, but doesn’t have an issue with men. He does very well with his foster dad and is often found sitting on his lap. He is the type who builds a strong bond with his chosen people and is not very interested in others.
  • He can do a “high-five” and will put up his right paw for you to hold for a second, often signaling that he wants to be petted.
  • Milk can sit and spin around for a treat but won’t put his bum all the way down.


Milk recently had dental procedures that included scaling and extracting a bunch of teeth. Despite having a few teeth left, he is now free of pain. He underwent a thorough veterinary check-up confirming his overall good health, with particular attention to his heart and legs. His vaccinations are up to date. He is neutered and takes monthly preventative measures for ticks and fleas.

Ideal adopter

The ideal adopter for Milk would be someone who has experience with dogs like Milk, understands his needs, and knows how to communicate effectively with him. Milk appreciates people who are calm, confident, and relaxed, as he tends to mirror their demeanor.

The best adopter for Milk would be a mature or retired couple without children or frequent visitors. They should live in a calm home, matching Milk’s temperament. Providing a peaceful environment where he can have his own space when needed is crucial. Milk enjoys the company of other dogs, particularly if they are friendly and gentle, making a home with such companions an excellent fit for him.

We are looking for his true forever family, who believes that he is the most important being in the world and would never give up on him, no matter what.

Milk is available for adoption. The fee to adopt Milk is $580.