Lulu 2

  • Jindo
  • Female, 17 kg (37 lbs)
  • Born May 2020
  • Located in Vancouver

Traits: Affectionate, Friendly, House-trained, Medium-energy, Sociable

Health: Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinated, Dewormed, Heartworm-Tested


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*Note: Lulu is currently in foster care in Vancouver

Lulu was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Gapyung, Korea last year. She lived with other dogs in a boarding house until she left Korea. She is now living with a foster family in Vancouver, with 2 other FKD alum.

Lulu’s favorite thing is to hang out with her humans. When in Korea, she was always following the boarding house staff and volunteers wherever they went and continues to do so with her current foster family in Canada. She is very quiet, gentle, and sweet and is most happy when she is with her people.

Lulu gets along well with other dogs but is mostly indifferent to them as she prefers the company of humans. However, there are a select few she likes to engage with once she becomes more acquainted (she is more just socially awkward in the beginning).  Her current foster takes her to work at a doggy daycare, and she has been opening up more and enjoying her time there. Lulu does better with submissive personalities.

Lulu is fully potty trained and does her business out in the yard. She is very smart and looks over to where her harness is hung when asked if she wants to go out. When coming back inside, her foster tells her “paw” and she will lie on her side while her foster wipes her paws clean. It only took her 2 days to figure out how to get up and down the stairs of the home, and only 4 days to jump into the car on her own.

She walks quite well on leash, but does pull at times when excited and can be a bit stubborn when she wants to stay and sniff. She walks well beside her canine foster siblings and likes to say hi to everyone she meets (hoping for some pets and attention). When in the yard or park, Lulu loves to do her zoomies. She has a prey drive and likes to chase squirrels, so she would not do well in a home with cats.

Overall, Lulu is a spirited girl who is a tad stubborn. However, she is obedient and listens well when her foster speaks to her firmly. She is also enticed by treats, and has not been destructive inside the home. She is quiet both inside and outside the home and sleeps throughout the night. Her foster describes her as smart, funny, and just a goofball who loves a good cuddle.

The ideal adopter is someone retired or working from home and has a lot of spare time to spend with her. She would prefer a calm and relaxed home in a quiet neighborhood. Lulu would do well in a home with another calm dog or as the only dog.  Lulu is such a love bug. Whoever adopts her will be very lucky.