• Poodle
  • Female, 4 kg (9 lbs)
  • Born October 2021
  • Located in Korea

Traits: Affectionate, Friendly, Gentle, Medium-energy, Pad-trained, Sociable

Health: Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinated, Dewormed, Heartworm-Tested


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Lemon’s journey began in a distressing puppy mill in Namyangjoo, Korea, last spring. She endured long days in a grim, wire enclosure, with no sunlight or play, her only purpose to produce puppies for profit, destined for neglect and even the meat market.

Fortunately, Lemon’s fate took a turn for the better when she was rescued. After spending a few months in a nurturing foster home, she transitioned to our partner boarding house, where she has been living alongside other dogs. Lemon possesses a kind and calm personality. She gets along well with other dogs and people. She is sociable, friendly, and overall pretty easy-going.

Lemon’s ideal adopter is someone whose lifestyle aligns with her needs. Retirees or individuals who work from home would be a perfect match for her. Lemon flourishes when she receives ample attention and care, and her new family should have the time to dedicate to her well-being.

Lemon’s transformation from a puppy mill survivor to a loving companion is nothing short of inspiring. She’s ready to embark on the next chapter of her life, and all she needs now is a forever family who will cherish her and provide her with the love and security she truly deserves.