• Terrier mix
  • Female, 8.5 kg (19 lbs)
  • Born January 2022
  • Located in Vancouver

Traits: Affectionate, Friendly, House-trained, Medium-energy, Shy, Sociable

Health: Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinated, Dewormed, Heartworm-Tested

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**Note: Lala is currently in a foster home in Vancouver.

Lala’s journey began when she was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Chungju, Korea last fall. She was fortunate to find refuge in our partner boarding house, where she lived harmoniously with other dogs until she left Korea.

Currently, Lala resides in Vancouver with a foster family as the only dog. While she was a sociable and happy girl in Korea when surrounded by other dogs, being the sole dog presents challenges for her. If she is left alone, she becomes anxious. Therefore, we are seeking a family with at least one other friendly dog, as Lala thrives in the company of canine companions.

Lala displays excellent compatibility with other dogs and shows great affection towards people she knows well. She can be a bit shy around strangers until she becomes familiar with them. Once comfortable, Lala becomes a loving, sweet, and playful fur baby. Transitioning to a new home, unfamiliar surroundings, and new faces may pose significant adjustments for her. Her potential adopters should be prepared to provide patience and unwavering support throughout this transitional period.

Ideally, Lala’s perfect adopter would be a family residing in a tranquil neighborhood, leading a relaxed lifestyle. This environment will help her thrive and feel secure. The presence of another friendly furry companion is an absolute must for Lala’s overall happiness and well-being. Someone who either works from home or is retired, allowing them ample time to spend with their furry babies, would be perfect.

Adopt Laon 3

Lala is available for adoption. The fee to adopt Lala is $780.