Mars 2

  • Jindo mix
  • Male, 26 kg (57 lbs)
  • Born October 2022
  • Located in Toronto

Traits: Affectionate, Friendly, Medium-energy, Sociable

Health: Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinated, Dewormed, Heartworm-Tested

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** Note: Currently, Mars is at a foster home in Newmarket, ON.

Background: Mars was born to a courageous mother who was rescued from the dog meat trade just before giving birth. Following her rescue, she gave birth to four puppies, with Mars being one of them. Mars lived with his siblings and other dogs at our partner’s boarding house until leaving Korea.

Living Environment: Mars currently lives with his foster family in Newmarket, ON, who are his second foster family since arriving in Canada. He resides with 2 adults and a resident dog who is a FKD alumnus. As his foster parents work with a hybrid schedule, the dogs are left alone at home for a few hours and do well together while their humans are at the office. Mars loves doing zoomies in the backyard, laying outside in the sun, and running around playing with his canine foster brother.

Personality: Initially, Mars may feel a bit anxious in a new environment, but once he adjusts, he reveals his easy-going and playful nature. He typically warms up to women faster than men, but after approximately 1 hour of ignoring him, he realizes they are not a threat and becomes acquainted. He has also met children, and is very sweet with them after proper introductions. Mars is a sociable, friendly boy who loves to soak up all the attention from his humans such as petting, scratching, and cuddling. He has medium energy levels paired with a sweet, cheerful, and goofy personality.

Behaviors: Mars loves going for walks, spending time outdoors, and playing in the backyard. He may pull when he spots squirrels but walks well on a leash otherwise. As he has a prey drive, Mars will not do well in a home with cats or other small animals. He is fine with car rides and baths. Mars was housetrained in his first foster home, but moving to a new environment has led to some anxiety and accidents. Once he settles in and feels comfortable, he should return to good potty habits with the consistency and support provided.

Moving to a new foster has caused some separation anxiety behaviors. We expect this will subside with time and comfort. Mars loves chew toys and can entertain himself for 15-20 minutes at a time. He is also extremely food driven and enjoys interactive food toys like his Kong. Mars is not at all picky with his food or treats.

Socialization: While living in the shelter in Korea, Mars was incredibly social and friendly with everyone. However, after his journey to Canada, he may be a little apprehensive during initial introductions. Given time and patience, he will reveal his true friendly nature and become your shadow. Mars thrives on human companionship, enjoys cuddles, and seeks affection with his wagging tail and eager eyes. His warm and genuine personality reflects his resilient spirit and trust in people. Mars loves being close to his humans, often shadowing them around, and he is a big sweetheart.

Health: Blessed with good health and no known food allergies, Mars is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. Monthly preventative measures safeguard him against internal and external parasites.

Ideal Home: Mars thrives in a home where someone is present most of the time, especially during the initial transition period. An ideal adopter for Mars would be someone who works from home or is retired and has experience with large dogs. Given Mars’ youth and new surroundings, a patient individual with the time, energy, and dedication to provide necessary training and care will be great. Mars enjoys playing with other dogs, so having another playful canine companion at home would be a bonus. A house in a quiet neighborhood with a fenced backyard would be ideal. Mars is a gentle and lovable boy who will make a wonderful furry companion.

Adopt Mars

Mars 2 is available for adoption. The fee to adopt Mars 2 is $780.