• Chihuahua
  • Female, 2 kg (4 lbs)
  • Born August 2023
  • Located in Korea

Traits: Affectionate, Friendly, Gentle, Medium-energy, Pad-trained, Sociable

Health: Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinated, Dewormed, Heartworm-Tested

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**Note: Drew is available for adoption in Toronto. Her flight from Korea to Toronto is scheduled for April 25.

Background: Drew, a sweet and playful puppy, was born to a mother rescued from a puppy mill in Namyangju, Korea. Drew was raised by Aram’s mother as her own when Drew’s biological mother couldn’t care for her. Growing up together, Drew and Aram have become best friends.

Living Environment: Currently living in a partner boarding house with other dogs.

Personality: Drew is happy, gentle, friendly, and playful, with medium energy.

Behaviors: Drew is quiet and plays well with other dogs, particularly with her bonded companion, Aram. She shares food, treats, and toys with Aram. Drew enjoys walks but may feel nervous around loud noises. She behaves well in the car and during bath time, although she has no experience with cats or young children.

Socialization: She is a sweet angel who loves being around people and friendly dogs. She socializes well as long as the dogs are gentle and friendly. She has no experience with cats or young children.

Health: She is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated. Monthly preventative measures safeguard her against internal and external parasites.

Ideal Home: Drew would be a perfect fur baby for someone who works from home or is retired. A home where someone is present most of the time would be great. Ideally, we are looking for a potential adopter who can provide a loving home for both Drew and Aram, the 8-month-old Poodle, as Drew is very bonded with her companion.

Drew is available for adoption. The fee to adopt Drew is $780.