• Mastiff mix
  • Female, 36 kg (79 lbs)
  • Born September 2015
  • Located in Toronto

Traits: Friendly, Gentle, House-trained, Low-energy, Sociable

Health: Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinated, Dewormed, Heartworm-Tested


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Note: Doci is currently at her foster home in Toronto.

Doci is one of eighty-three lucky dogs rescued from the Dangjin dog meat farm in 2018. This horrific place has left lasting memories of suffering. There, Doci was so traumatized that she couldn’t even make eye contact with humans. Since her rescue, Doci has been on a journey of healing and transformation. At a training school with other dosa dogs, she faced her fears, slowly uncovering a curious and gentle soul beneath her scars. Learning to trust the leash was a struggle, but she found the courage to embrace it as a symbol of freedom and safety.

Since her rescue, Doci has blossomed into a friendly and gentle soul, especially around children, whom she adores. Her calm and loving nature makes her the perfect companion. She walks beautifully on a leash and enjoys the great outdoors, yet she is also a quiet and patient presence indoors. While other dogs might get overly excited during meal times or walks, Doci remains calm and patiently waits for her turn. Doci is good with bath time and car rides, and great at vet clinic visits.

Doci has had the company of a few canine companions, all of whom were rescued from the same challenging circumstances at a dog meat farm. She’s shown a peaceful and gentle demeanor around these dogs, who are similarly aged and share her reserved nature. However, her interactions have been limited to these shelter friends, and she hasn’t had the opportunity to experience a broader social environment with other dogs.

Given this, we believe Doci would thrive best in a home where she can be the sole pet. This environment would offer her the tranquility and undivided attention she needs to fully relax and recover from her past. In a single-dog household, there would be no concerns about interactions with other pets, allowing her and her adoptive family to focus on building a strong, loving bond.

Tragically, dogs with backgrounds like Doci’s, and older dogs, are often overlooked for adoption. Doci has been waiting for her forever family for over five years. She is more than ready to give and receive love and to start her new life. She has come so far and deserves a chance to live the rest of her life surrounded by love and kindness. Your compassion can make all the difference for this precious soul.