• Pomeranian
  • Female, 4 kg (9 lbs)
  • Born January 2022
  • Located in Toronto

Traits: Affectionate, Friendly, Medium-energy, Sociable

Health: Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinated, Dewormed, Heartworm-Tested


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** Note: Dalae is available for adoption in Toronto. Her flight from Korea to Toronto is scheduled for Jan 29, 2024.

Dalae is a sweetheart and a real fighter. She was saved from a sad place, a puppy mill in Jinan, Korea, where she lived in a tiny, dark cage. She had a hard start, being used just to have puppies and make money for others.

Dalae used to live in a different shelter, but now she’s with our partner’s boarding house. She’s a really smart dog and just adores people. Call her name and watch her get all excited and do a happy dance. She loves nothing more than being close to people, enjoying some cuddles, and giving lots of kisses. Even though she loves being around humans, she’s also okay when left alone and doesn’t get upset. Dalae is just a big bundle of love.

Dalae gets along great with other dogs that are kind and easygoing. However, she feels a bit scared around dogs that are too pushy or want to be in charge. When she meets a dog like that, she’d rather just walk away. Dalae walks nicely on a leash in quiet places, but loud, busy streets make her anxious.

The ideal home for Dalae is with someone who spends a lot of time at home, like someone who works from home or a retired person. She’ll be content as the only pet or living with another friendly dog. Dalae is easygoing, making her a fantastic choice for first-time dog owners. Whoever gets to adopt her will be incredibly fortunate.