• Jindo mix
  • Male, 10 kg (22 lbs)
  • Born May 2018
  • Located in Toronto

Traits: Affectionate

Health: Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinated, Dewormed, Heartworm-Tested

Charley is a Medium Male Jindo mix Korean rescue dog

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Charley is with his foster family in Burlington, ON. The adoption fee for Charley is $520 CAD (tax included).

Charley was rescued as a stray when he was a puppy, and although he was very much loved with the best intentions in mind, he was not provided with the proper leadership and boundaries needed for a smart boy like him, especially in his formative years. This has manifested in some anxieties and insecurities he is currently working through.

Charley has fear based aggression and takes time to build trust in new situations. During the first few days with his foster, he was very insecure, anxious, apprehensive, and reactive. He would respond by growling, barking, and lunging whenever someone came too close to him or made fast movements. It took several days of helping him create positive associations to help him settle down.

Both Charley and his foster family have worked very hard together using desensitization and counter-conditioning methods to form positive associations, build his confidence, and redirect his fears. Despite his insecurities, he is very smart and has mastered basic obedience. He enjoys playing with toys (squeaky toys, stuffies, balls – you name it!), running around in the yard, and takes well to puzzle toys. Overall, he is very sweet, playful, and intelligent once he is given the chance to settle in.

He still has moments of insecurity which on occasion triggers negative reactions, but they are becoming fewer and he is increasingly learning how to cope with his anxieties in a healthy and acceptable way. Although his foster is able to pet his head, Charley is still working on having moments over and around his head, such as with his harness.

We’re very proud of how far this smart and handsome boy has come, but his new family should be prepared to continue to work with him to ensure his success. Overall, he would be a great companion.

Charley‘s dream home would require:

  • A home in a suburban setting; (a secure, fenced in yard would be extremely beneficial)
  • A house dwelling (no condos or apartments with high traffic areas)
  • A quiet, low activity home consisting of 2-3 people at most
  • Experience with dogs, and knowledge of dog body language. Experience with reactive dogs is especially valuable.
  • Experience and understanding of a strong leadership role and consistency, which is essential to Charley‘s training success.
  • Knowledge and understanding of stress triggers and reactivity, and how to minimize them using positive reinforcement and force free approaches
  • Knowledge and experience of desensitization and counter-conditioning approaches
  • A home without any other pets, until Charley can build his confidence around them.
  • Understanding that Charley may not always make the right choices if his stress levels become too high, and acceptance that this may lead to potential snapping or biting
  • Patience and understanding of his anxieties, and a strong willingness/commitment to help him continue to overcome his insecurities.

DHPPL, Canine Influenza, Kennel Cough, Rabies, Corona, Heartworm test, Giardia test, Flea & tick & heatworm prevention are all done.