• Welsh Corgi mix
  • Male, 14 kg (31 lbs)
  • Born January 2019
  • Located in Toronto

Traits: Affectionate, Friendly, Medium-energy, Shy, Sociable

Health: Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinated, Dewormed, Heartworm-Tested


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Archie was rescued in the spring of 2019 Paju, Korea where he was roaming around the village with his siblings as a small puppy. After his rescue, he lived with a foster family before flying to Canada to join his family. Unfortunately, through no fault of anyone, Archie is looking for a new forever home. His family experienced changes in their family dynamic with the addition of grandchildren who visit frequently, and Archie is ultimately happiest in a quieter setting.

Archie much prefers the company of a small group of people he is acquainted with rather than being the social butterfly of the room. While shy during first introductions, he will follow your every step once he has been given the time to warm up. When first meeting him, the best way to “introduce” yourself is to simply ignore him and let him approach when he is ready. Once Archie has decided you are part of his pack, you’re in for life!

While in foster in Korea, Archie lived with other dogs and was great with them. He currently lives with another dog whom he does well with. Overall, Archie does fine with other dogs but needs a bit of time and space to get acquainted. He goes on pack walks with a dog walker and has frequent visits from doggy family members where he loves playing tag with them and enjoys being chased. Generally, he prefers the company of laid-back, submissive (doggy) personalities. Sharing his toys is not an issue, but bones are a prized possession for him.

Archie loves being outside, with walks being his second favorite pasttime. His first and utmost favorite thing to do is playing fetch. He is housetrained and sleeps without issue in the bedroom on his doggy bed at night. Although he does not love the vet or groomer, he tolerates visits very well albeit with a little nervousness in the beginning. He also rides well in the car.

Things that Archie does not like are young children, which is an area/situation he struggles to get comfortable around. Fast, sudden movements and unpredictability scare him, and he expresses his fear with barking and lunging due to feeling the need to defend himself.

Although he is used to having someone home with him for the majority of the day, Archie can be trusted to be home alone (with his canine sibling) for a few hours at a time without issue.

Archie’s ideal home is a small household without young children or other pets. Although he gets along fine with other dogs, he is selective and time and patience are required. He thrives with consistency and predictability. For Archie, the more boring, the better! (Except for walks and fetch, he’s always up for those). He would love a secure yard where he can zoom around and play fetch, with an active family who enjoys walks and being outdoors as much as he does. Archie also prefers the cooler months to summer, so winter activities agree with him. He would make a wonderful “partner in crime” to someone who has the time to spend with him.