Foster Application

Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in fostering for Free Korean Dogs! To get started, please fill out the following foster application. We want the best for our dogs. So our foster application process is very similar to the process we use for adoption. However, we will cover all equipment and other expenses related to the dog’s care. We respect your privacy and will not share your details outside the organization.


Before you continue your application, please carefully review the following information (link opens in a new tab):

We are currently accepting applications from the following locations:

  • Canada: Greater Toronto Area, including surrounding cities and towns; Greater Vancouver Area, including surrounding cities and towns.
  • USA: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles.

Please confirm that you meet our application prerequisites:

Personal Information


Household Information

Please include ALL household members. Click the + sign to add more members.

Choose a date on or after which you are able to receive your dog.

General Information

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Household Pet Information

Please provide the details of each household pet. Use the + sign to add more pets.

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Consider attributes such as energy level, sociability, dominance or submissiveness, and reactions to strangers.
Exact dates will be confirmed with the vet clinic

Personal Reference

Please provide the name and contact details of a personal reference. References cannot be family members, significant others, or anyone from your household.

Terms and Conditions

To submit your application, you must review and agree to all foster care terms and conditions. Please consider each item carefully before submitting your application. Note that “FKD” refers to Free Korean Dogs and/or Free Korean Dogs US.

  1. I understand that FKD retains legal ownership of the dog, and I am providing temporary custody.

  2. I recognize that FKD has the right to reclaim the dog at any time at its discretion.

  3. I am aware that FKD does not guarantee the dog’s temperament or future behaviour.

  4. I confirm that I am the sole foster provider for this dog. The dog will not be given, sold, or adopted by another party on a short or long-term basis.

  5. I understand that this agreement does not apply to a “foster-to-adopt” situation. If I wish to adopt my foster dog, I must submit a separate application and go through the full adoption process.

  6. I realize that being a foster care provider does not guarantee an approved adoption application.

  7. I confirm that I am familiar with the safety equipment protocol, and I agree to ensure compliance by everyone caring for the dog during the foster period. This includes ensuring that all safety equipment functions properly.

  8. I agree to get FKD’s approval for any expenses during the foster period before making a purchase. Expenses without prior approval, including vet visits, may not be reimbursed.

  9. I agree to seek FKD’s permission if I want to take the dog more than 20km from my home for activities such as visiting friends or family, camping, hiking, etc. I understand FKD may decline my request.

  10. If the dog becomes lost, I will immediately notify FKD and local animal control.

  11. I commit to the humane care of the dog, providing proper food, water, and medical attention.

  12. I will not harm or abuse the dog and will employ only positive training methods.

  13. I am fostering the dog for companionship, not as a guard dog.

  14. I will not confine the dog indoors, and I will always supervise the dog outdoors.

  15. The dog will not be left unattended with children under 13 or unfamiliar animals during the fostering period.

  16. I’ll provide regular updates about the dog, including photos and videos.